The other day I was sitting on the fence about whether or not I should hire someone full-time to fulfill a much needed role at my company Onboardly. It became painfully evident that I needed her, and needed her full-time. In the midst of building a house, postponing my wedding, attending two out of country weddings, traveling for work, and getting ready for my baby (Due this summer), there was just no way I could do all this work anymore.  I emailed my fiancé to ask him what his thoughts were, and - to no surprise - he said go for it! Take the leap. (Context: The reason for getting his approval was because he was also launching his startup. Between the two of us, there is no ‘steady income’. I figured I should get his input on this.)

(If you're an 'expert' skip to the last line and answer the question.) No longer do you have to rely on word of mouth or pay exorbitant amounts to get your business' brand known.  Now, you can get the word out internationally - for free!  Free's still a word people use, right? How do you make Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media work for you and for your business?  We ALL know that these tools are free and are a great marketing tool for you, as long as you have the willingness to be creative and persistent, and persistent, and persisten, and persistent ... Everyone knows of the "Old Spice Guy" or the many charity campaigns with an internet component.  While you may not be able to afford to hire actors, you can use pieces of these tried-and-true campaigns to help your low-budget "bootstrapping" strategy.  For example, you can ask customers to name your newest advertising campaign in exchange for product or services, or you can lead a "Tweet for charity" event and offer to donate while raising money and brand equity.  Lowe's Home Improvement recently offered a weekend of coupons event in which emails were sent for a chance to win 90% off coupons or free merchandise.  This gave them the opportunity to create a database of customers while generating plenty of Facebook buzz.