The subscription model is nothing new. This method of payment has been used by cable companies, utility providers, fitness clubs, magazines and more for years. Though, lately, it has been introduced in more interesting ways. You may have noticed it with Manpacks, the service that delivers men’s essentials to your door, or with Birchbox, Glossybox, and Loose Button’s Luxe Box. If you’re a pet lover, it could have been with Toys4Tails or Barkbox. Subscription commerce for products other than Teleco’s and fitness clubs are making a grand entrance.

The amount of content created increases dramatically every day. People are saturated with more advertisements, media, and content than ever before. Yet they still seek more: they are still loyal to TV shows (5 hours per day!), consistently browse the web, and are always on their smartphones. People love content and can't get enough of it. Though what they are seeking is often times only really REALLY good stuff. Why would they want anything else? So how do you create content that will drive the traffic and success you are looking for?