I founded Onboardly, a company that works with fast-growth companies on a mission to change the world, while I was squatting in startup offices in San Francisco. Back in 2010, many of the ‘unicorns’ were only emerging and things were quickly shifting in the tech space. Billion dollar valuations were shocking many (now, it seems the norm), and many founders were moving fast to become the next unicorn. I saw an opportunity to apply my 13 years of marketing experience of the startup space and thus launched Onboardly.

13 years?!  Yeah, when I was 17 years old I started a restaurant with my sister. Knowing diddly-squat about the industry, we managed to quickly figure things out to become profitable year-over year. Having run a successful restaurant at such a young age, was the fire I needed to move along this entrepreneurial journey. Before Onboardly, I had co-founded another agency called Spark Boutik (Sold my interest in it after only 8-months) and was dabbling in the jewelry space. I had yet to find my purpose…(Admittedly, I am still on that hunt.)

Today, I am working on some killer projects [To be announced in the fall of 2017] that are directly aligned with my calling and purpose. The mission is rea and I can’t wait to share!