Get Off the Fence and Decide

The other day I was sitting on the fence about whether or not I should hire someone full-time to fulfill a much needed role at my company Onboardly. It became painfully evident that I needed her, and needed her full-time. In the midst of building a house, postponing my wedding, attending two out of country weddings, traveling for work, and getting ready for my baby (Due this summer), there was just no way I could do all this work anymore.  I emailed my fiancé to ask him what his thoughts were, and – to no surprise – he said go for it! Take the leap. (Context: The reason for getting his approval was because he was also launching his startup. Between the two of us, there is no ‘steady income’. I figured I should get his input on this.)

Making a Decision

So I did. I made a decision. I put lots of thought into it and, in much detail, weighed the pro’s and con’s. Surely there shouldn’t have been anything holding me back from deciding. But there was. I kept coming up with excuses: I need the money for the house, I need to save up for my child’s education, but I also need help in my business, I need a Marketing Director, blah-f****-blah. How the heck could I ever scale my business if I just never made a decision?

What are the advantages to stewing on a decision? More importantly, what are the risks of never deciding? (Not making a decision is still deciding).

Stewing On It

To stew on a decision is great, especially if it involves big money or will change your life dramatically (Boob/nose job, getting a loan, moving to a new city). But don’t let it eat at you. Write down the pro’s and con’s and give the decision a timeline, “I will make this decision by 5pm tomorrow and that’s what I am going with!”.

If you never decide, you will:
– Be in a constant stake of slow motion
– Never move forward
– Always be wondering
– Never challenge yourself to pursue opportunities
– Be boring
– Waste time!

Certainly you know people who make up their mind a lot. And look who those people are. The ones who are building companies, getting married to their dream man/woman, picking a friggen color for their kitchen. They aren’t wasting time, they are moving FORWARD and full on jumping over the fence.

I made a decision to commit to my business, hire the right talent, and grow it to the next level. I have invested in myself and the future of the company. It wasn’t easy, but it has made a significant difference.

Go on. You can do it. Make the decision today!

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