Just Do

It’s a new year. Time to actually start doing and to stop thinking about it. Below are six areas in which to start doing something to change your life.

1. Business

Who is stopping you? Your mom? You moved out 12 years ago so she shouldn’t still be telling you what to do. Ohhh, your bank account is hovering near red. I get it. I have been there. Actually, I was there right when I was making the leap to start my own business. And guess what? I made it and am doing well.

The people who are always talking about their big idea and thinking “I’ll do it someday” just won’t ever get there. If this is you, I am sorry. Well maybe I’m not. It means you aren’t meant to be an entrepreneur or one to act on your idea.  It’s ok, the world still needs you 9-5 ers. As for the other small minority that actually take the plunge in following their startup dreams, high five. You are the ones that Just Do!

It’s not easy, as it shouldn’t be.  Your significant other, bank account, and children (perhaps) are all clawing at your back for attention, but your dreams of making your big idea a reality aren’t stopping you. Not easy.

What you do for a living is up to you. It’s your choice. You make the decision to get up in the morning at the time you do, to eat what is in your cupboard, to wear the clothes you have and drive the car you drive. That’s easy.

In December I launched my new company Onboardly. It has been a busy and fun journey. Not easy, but definitely satisfying.

I am not discounting the 9-5ers. They are probably working their ass’s off too. And those stuck in a dead-end job, see the glass ceiling, or just can’t advance in their position, time to seriously start searching for something better.  Never settle just because. Ugh. I hate that.  Take a chance man (or girl) and find a better place for you.


2. Health

If the thought of getting sweaty and to have burning muscles is stopping you from being fit and healthy, well I got news for you: You’re a wimp. I BIG FAT wimp. If eating your fruits and vegetables turns you off and you’d rather starve than eat your greens, than you are incredibly stupid! I’m harsh, but it’s the truth. All you need is a minimum of 20 minutes a day in exercise and a balanced diet to maintain a healthy body. And guess what? It makes you feel really really really good.

My friend Sarah, a provincial cop in Ontario, went to the gym every other day. No big deal, right? But she did this every week throughout her entire pregnancy! She did Step classes every week up until the day before she went into labour. It made her feel great and made labour a heck of a lot easier. No excuses. She is smart.


3. Love

If you love him/her, let her know for F*** sake. The people that go their entire lives without telling the people they love that they love them are stupid. Man up and call those you love most. If today was your last day here, your loved ones would be pissed to know you loved them but never told them.


4. Organize

Organize your life. Put your bills, receipts and important documents in the same spot. Clean off your computer desktop. Clear off your desk. Empty your car. Purge purge purge!  Having less stuff around you makes you more organized and able to complete tasks much quicker. And this also relates to the following ….


5. Friends

Get rid of bloodsucking ‘friends’. You know who they are. The ones who always ask for $20 but never pay you back, the ones who always ask for favors, but when you ask for one in return they are always too busy, the ones who make plans with you and always back out, the ones you know, deep down, just wouldn’t be there for you. GET RID OF THEM!!

Recently I started caring less about my bloodsucking friends and diverting that energy to the people that actually mattered and it has made an incredible difference. I am more grateful for the people that are in my life now than I have ever been before. You know who you are….Thank you!


6. Just Do

This merits its own point. Just doing is not easy. It really isn’t, but the sense of accomplishment after you ‘just did’ is amazing. The highs are high. I hate making January 1st an excuse to start doing, but for the sake of the new year and resolutions, I want to contribute this post to those who created new years resolutions and are doing them. Good luck and I hope you stick to them.

Happy 2012.  May love and happiness be with you everywhere.

PS – If you ever need a kick in the pants to get started, feel free to email me renee@reneewarren.com. I’ll set you straight.

Do you have anymore reasons to Just Do?




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