What does it take to Click?

I am not talking about getting people to click on your Facebook ad, like button or call to action. No.  I am talking about what it takes to click with another person. The ultimate capacity to bond with an acquaintance or stranger. Clicking is finding common grounds with someone you may have known for minutes, hours or years.  There are many people you may click with right away, and others who take a lot of time.  But what are the underlying reasons that people can ‘click’?

I just finished reading both ‘Click – The forces behind how we fully engage with people, work, and everything we do‘ as well as ‘StrengthFinder 2.0‘ and noticed a similarity between my themes from StrengthFinder and the hypothesis in Click: different people click differentially. No two are the same.  I, for example, am a Positive, Harmonious, Includer so find it very easy to click with almost everyone. While others, some good friends of mine, are incredibly secretive and passive that they take much longer to find common grounds with new people. Mostly worried to be too open, it can take them years to really get to know them. Some people have hundreds of friends, acquaintances and close contacts, because they click more often.

Connecting, or clicking, with someone is about two things: proximity and time. The closer you are geographically and the more time you can get to spend with someone, the more likely you will be to click. This is best displayed in the example of the students in a police academy. As explained in the book Click, it is almost 90% predictable who will be close friends throughout the course of the police academy program.  John Adams and Robert Adamson will most likely click as would Steven Warner and Gary Warren. See the pattern? Alphabetical relations. Throughout the course of the program, students are arranged alphabeticaly so spend the majority of their time in proximity to one another, increasing the probability of clicking. And since the program runs over the course of a few months to years, these students spend a lot of time together. However, once the program is complete, it is not necessary that they will remain friends. Location, time and circumstance brought them together.

What makes someone click with you? And how best can you leverage that bond in your personal life or in your business?



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